My year in numbers

When I was younger, my cousins all thought I would grow up to work with numbers… I was a bit of a geek and used to pick shares out of the newspaper and track their progress (because obviously, all seven year olds would like to be stockbrokers.  Hmm).  However, my talents are decidedly un-mathematical.

I’ve still always kept a note of the books I’ve read through the years… Unfortunately the first couple of notebooks went astray in a house move a few years ago, but I have two notebooks detailing all the books I’ve read since the last year of university.

There was the year I decided only to read books which I’d never read before… As a voracious re-reader, this was torture!  I had to only keep new-to-me books on my bookshelves so that I couldn’t see the old favourites beckoning me home.  I think the first ten books I read the next year were all books I’d read and cherished previously because I’d missed them so much.

In 2013 I read 177 books.  This was amazing for me, especially considering that I moved to work in a different store in June and lost the built in 90-minutes daily commute.  The morning journey wasn’t so brilliant for reading, considering I would put my iPod on and watch the world go by until I became something vaguely like awake, but the evening journey was perfect for reading a chunk of whatever book I had on the go at the time.  Thinking about it, finishing at 4 most days gave me a much bigger chunk of reading time, even though I seem to have spent most of it watching Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls.

Of those 177:

72 of those were books I owned, of which I have donated 25 to charity as I simply won’t read them again (either old favourites who have lost their sparkle or new reads I really didn’t enjoy enough to read again).

5 were borrowed books… I usually borrow more but moving further away from my two book-loving friends has cut down on the opportunity to borrow.  I’ve since moved stores again so will have weekends off… More time for catching up with friends!

54 were library books.  This truly was the year of the library!  There’s a tiny library behind my workplace, which has a reasonable selection of books but I can reserve books from any library in my county or the three surrounding counties for a small fee and they’ll be ready to pick up from my library in a week or two.  This has given me the opportunity to read a lot of books I wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to pay for, or had on my Amazon wish-list but got from the library before buying!

45 of the books were on my Kindle.  This high number surprises me… I think I get over-excited with buying books on my Kindle, especially when they’re so cheap, and then forget to read them.  Especially in the past couple of months, I’ve had about 15 books on loan from the library and have neglected those on my Kindle, but haven’t stopped buying new ones.  I really need to do something about that… I was thinking about buying a set amount of Amazon gift cards through the year and only buying e-books when I have a balance on the gift-card.  Not sure… Something needs to be done!

Most of the books I read were either Young Adult or contemporary romance.  There were a few classics there but not enough… I think that may be because I’ve reached Jane Austen/Charlotte Bronte overload and have consciously taken a break from their books, I may need to discover a new author or two to get my classics fix. 

So, that’s my year in numbers! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014.


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